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Construction Takeoff Software Streamlines Walls & Ceilings Estimation

Construction takeoff software eliminates the need for tedious manual calculations, replacing these processes with digital tools that save time, enhance accuracy, and foster collaboration. Users can simply upload digital blueprints and utilize digital measurement tools to quickly tally needed materials, labor hours, and more. When integrated with estimation software, takeoff software lets contractors generate highly accurate estimates faster than ever before, allowing them to spend more time building and less time poring over figures.

BuzzBID Takeoff Software for Walls & Ceilings Estimation

BuzzBID’s takeoff solution is a game changer for walls and ceilings estimation. Its proprietary technology eliminates the need for manual click-and-drag processes to measure and count items, instead taking off entire groups of items with a single click. As a result, BuzzBID is capable of taking off walls and ceilings five times faster and with greater accuracy than competing solutions. Not only does this save time and reduce stress in the estimation process, but it also gives the estimator more time to dig into the details of the estimate to identify opportunities for cost optimization.

Native Integration

BuzzBID is an integrated takeoff and estimating solution, so there is no need to transfer data from one product to another. Quantities counted in the takeoff process are instantly transferred to the estimation page for simple, quick, and accurate cost calculations for not just materials but also labor, equipment, subcontractor work, and other categories. This process dramatically improves estimates for wall and ceiling items such as

  • Drywall
  • Stucco
  • Plaster
  • Insulation
  • Metal framing
  • Acoustical ceilings
  • Fireproofing
  • EIFS
  • Painting

Efficient & Accurate Takeoff for Walls & Ceilings

BuzzBID gives contractors three ways to take off walls. A single click takes off walls individually; a double click counts all walls of the same type at once, and clicking the wall symbol counts all items on the page with the same symbol. There’s also an automated tool for counting doors and corner trim. Ceilings can be taken off using a single click per room, and rooms can be hidden as they’re taken off so it’s easy to see what remains. Alternatively, a double click can be used to count all ceilings at once. However it’s done, users will get the same quantities every time.

Quick & Easy Implementation

BuzzBID allows contractors to get up and running quickly with their new takeoff solution. Because BuzzBID’s data fields, schema, and structure are directly compatible with leading competing solutions, in many cases, material and labor items such as the following can be imported directly:

  • Assembly items
  • General condition items
  • Labor classes
  • Labor regions
  • Cost codes
  • Library styles
  • Suppliers

After project plans are uploaded, the software automatically renames and organizes the pages into logical folders and creates links for each detail inside the plan set, allowing users to seamlessly zoom in on details and return to the larger picture without losing their place. Linked details allow users to take off quantities inside those details and automatically transfer the data back to the original page. Users can also create assemblies directly in the linked details, either by adding items one at a time or by pulling them from a library of saved assemblies. The system completes this reorganization with lightning speed, processing about 12 pages every second.

Intuitive Navigation & Search

With BuzzBID’s page navigation and text search features, it’s always easy to find the information you need. Simply type in part of a page name to pull it up, or input any keyword on a page to find all pages that contain that keyword. The software accommodates up to six takeoff windows with multiple scales, each containing the same tools and features as the main window.

More Accurate Labor Estimation

BuzzBID also allows for more accurate labor estimation. Not only will it calculate labor costs based on standard pay and productivity, but it can also generate estimates based on expected overtime and variations in productivity. For example, if your timeline calls for 50-hour workweeks, the software can account for the 10 hours per week of overtime pay as well as reduced productivity that can result from long workdays, adjusting both cost and time estimations.

BuzzBID is a next-generation construction takeoff solution that saves time over competing solutions and lets you get up and running quickly. Get insight into its unique features, watch a demo, or learn more about takeoff and estimation software on our blog.