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Understanding Construction Takeoff Software & How It Works

For construction businesses, accuracy and efficiency are paramount in the takeoff process. In the past, estimating the cost of projects was necessarily a laborious and time-consuming process, and manual calculations often resulted in errors. Errors not only cause inaccurate price estimations but can also lead to wasted materials and labor hours, require costly course corrections, and damage customer relations. Fortunately, construction takeoff software makes this process easier, more accurate, and more efficient.

How Construction Takeoff Software Works

Construction takeoff software is designed specifically for businesses in the construction industry. It includes templates, cost libraries, and databases that are tailored to the needs of not only general contractors but also specialty trades like roofing, fireproofing, and more. The result is a quicker takeoff process that yields more reliable results, saving companies valuable time and money while preventing errors.

Benefits of Takeoff Software

Using automated calculations to reduce errors, construction takeoff software provides detailed pricing breakdowns for projects of all sizes. Enhanced accuracy makes it easier to create reliable and predictable budgets, and work-in-place tracking provides ongoing real-time insights into each project’s financial details. This allows contractors to identify issues earlier in the construction process and prevent budgets from ballooning out of control. As a result, businesses can better protect their profits, maintain their timelines, and support positive customer relationships.

Additionally, construction takeoff software can make it easier for construction businesses to collaborate on project bids. Unlike Excel spreadsheets, which can be cumbersome to sync and share, takeoff software updates automatically for all users, ensuring version control and allowing contractors and subcontractors to share information with ease. With streamlined estimation, tracking, collaboration, and communication, businesses can reduce their costs and free up time to take more jobs.

Tips for Choosing the Right Construction Takeoff Software

When shopping for construction takeoff software, start by identifying the specific needs of your business. Determine what features would deliver the most value for your operation, and look for products that fit those needs. Be sure to search for customer reviews for insight into what benefits and issues other users have encountered with the products you’re considering.

It's also important to compare costs of various products to determine which have the best potential to deliver return on your investment. Estimate the savings and additional profit you expect to realize after implementation, such as labor hours spent in the estimation process, reduced errors, enhanced budget accuracy, and increased project volume. Then, compare the expected ROI from the products you’re considering to determine the best investment.

Finally, be sure that the software provider you decide to work with offers ample support during and after the implementation process. You don’t want to experience delays in implementing the new software or miss out on functionality because you don’t understand how to take full advantage of its features. Your business is construction, not IT, and you shouldn’t need software expertise to get the full value of your investment. Before making a purchase, ensure that the vendor will be there to support you every step of the way.

Upgrade Your Takeoff Process.

Construction takeoff software streamlines the takeoff process. Providing quicker, more accurate cost estimation, the software allows construction businesses to save time and money while making the budgeting process more reliable and predictable. With it, businesses can increase their work volume, enhance customer satisfaction, and build strong and lasting relationships with customers and business partners. Read BuzzBID’s blog to learn more about takeoff software designed with construction businesses like yours in mind.