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  • Takeoff Automation using ClickONCE™ Computer Vision Technology
  • Multiple Takeoff Windows with Multiple Scales
  • Advanced Plan Loading, with Automatic Renaming, and Detail Linking... all at 10 pages per second
  • Extreme Text Search & Find
  • Duration-Based  General Conditions
  • Powerful Audit Filter Change Log
  • Pricing Breakdown by Labor, Material, Equipment, Subs, & Others
  • Work Breakdown Structures
  • Easy, Fast Plan Navigation with Advanced Field Search features

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Efficiency, speed and accuracy are vital in creating a profitable, winning pricing estimate. BuzzBID has these and many more new features to improve your pricing productivity. 

Advanced Takeoff

Extreme automation and intelligence built into every workflow, you have unprecedented flexibility to power through your takeoff process in record time with absolute confidence.


Advanced Pricing

The interface is built with a "feature layering" approach with a "keep it simple" layout. This makes it easy to understand for simple pricing estimates, but powerful layered features are intelligently exposed as you need them, to serve for more complex pricing estimates.


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